Welcome to The Center For Community Counseling

The Center is a non-profit mental health organization that for more than three decades has been a resource for low-income and uninsured adults in Lane County who are in need of mental health services but have no other means of receiving assistance.
Services are offered on a sliding scale based on income.  Some 100 professional volunteers donate nearly 4,000 hours of counseling to clients during an average year.

Among offerings of the CCC are anger management classes, workshops and training on parenting skills, group sessions and classes on managing emotions, short- and long-term counseling for individual adults, and information on and referral to additional mental health and parenting resources.The typical person receiving services at the Center is a single parent supporting two children who is unemployed or underemployed, has an average income of less than $600 per month, and reports having themselves been abused as a child (97 percent of clients).

Fall Mental Health Conference: Sexual Violence In Our Community, November 13, 2015

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